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Flower and Ornamental Trade Fair and Exhibit Project

December 1-21, 2022

Project Rationale

Office of the Provincial Agriculturist’s function is to deliver efficient and effective agricultural and fishery services to the community through extensive information and extension methodologies to furnish farmers, fishermen, farm households, wives, and rural youth with aim of improving farm techniques and methods for greater productive activities. Mandated for a responsible promotion of agri-fishery development to improve farm production, income, and generate work opportunities for farmers, fisherfolks and rural workers. Meanwhile, the office had already extended services to Antiqueño farmers and fisherfolks in terms of agri-fishery production and processing who remains steadfast and in full force in implementing such programs and projects. Moreover, Cutflower and Ornamental Commodity as component of High Value Crops Development Program (HVCDP) under Program Operations Division is considered as the promising industry of the province in terms of Floriculture.  In order to develop and provide necessary services to plant propagators and enthusiast, the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist in partnership with the Antique Provincial Tourism Office conducts a Tanuman Festival in line with the yearly celebration of Binirayan Festival.

The interest of Antiqueño plantitas/plantitos emerged during the surge of CoViD-19 pandemic way back year 2019, wherein limited movement in the community and quarantine protocols were observed, thus establishment of and emergence of plant groups all over Antique through social media platform. Likewise, the emergence of barter of different plant variety negotiation and online live selling were observed. The pandemic had brought the cutflower industry in the province promising as it showcases the love of ordinary people for plants making them a certified plantitos and plantitas.

Therefore, to maintain the main pivotal role of our office to help the community in terms of agri-fishery development, promotion of services for the benefit of Antiqueños the annual Tanuman Festival of the Binirayan is in need of services for the set-up of the spaces as venue for different garden clubs, groups, and associations in the province to display their beautiful collections.


To give additional highlights in the Binirayan Celebration, the proposed Tanuman Festival 2022 has the following objectives;

  1. Provide necessary services for the conduct of Flower & Ornamental Trade Fair and Exhibit;
  2. Strengthen the working relationships of Antique plantitos/plantitas, garden clubs/organizations/associations with the provincial government; and
  3. Help in the promotion of the promising industry of flower and ornamental in the province.


To smoothly implement and attain a harmonious display and selling of products the following are observed and expected:


    1. Ribbon cutting and opening program is on the target schedule of Binirayan Committee.
    2. Opening and selling time is 8:00 AM and Closing is 9:00 PM.
    3. No growers are allowed to withdraw from joining upon confirmation.

Display Area/ Selling:

    1. Maintain Cleanliness and Orderliness of the area, “your trash, your responsibility”.
    2. No grabbing of costumer let them choose the plants they want to buy.
    3. Display plants with stable root condition & healthy in your area only
    4. Strictly no threatened plant species to sell unless with certification from DENR.

Lighting and Waterline:

    1. Lights will be open at 6:00 PM until 4:00 AM
    2. Waterline is already installed in the area, coordinate with PGSO for untoward interruption occurred.

Weapons, Liquor, Cigarette Smoking, pets and animals:

    1. No member shall and permit to use any firearms, air rifles, pellet guns, bows and arrows, or any other similar weapons, if caught will be subjected to jurisdiction of PNP on post and will be terminated to join the activity.
    2. Strictly no pets or animals in the area to avoid damage and stress of plants.
    3. Drinking of alcoholic liquor in the whole vicinity is strictly prohibited, as well as smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes and even vape.

Addressing issues and concerns:

    1. Avoid posting in the internet regarding the concern and issues arise, consult responsible authorities (Antique Garden Club President, Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, Provincial Tourism Office) to address and clear the issue.

Report submission:

    1. Fill out and submit to OPA the detailed daily sales report on or before the succeeding day as basis for the issuance of Certificate of Appreciation and Participation. Sales report will ensure that all data will be kept confidential between the organization and OPA pursuant to RA 10173 also known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Timetable of Activities 

The proposed schedule of this activity will be done during the scheduled duration of Binirayan Festival Celebration on December 2022. Table below shows the timeline of activities:

Date Activity Responsible Person/ Agency
Crafting of Budget Proposal and Approval
July - October
Planning and Coordination with the identified group participants/ exhibitors
OPA, APTO, Identified group participants/exhibitors
Event preparations and set-up
OPA, APTO, Identified group participants/exhibitors
Trade Fair Exhibit, Promotion and Display
Tanuman Festival Committee and Working Group

Display Exabits

Flower and ornamentals as a part of binirayan festival 2022

EBJ Freedom Park, San Jose de Buenavista, Antique, December 1-21, 2022

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