February 15, 2021 | By Arnie Barcebal
In an interview earlier this morning, Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Florencio Macuja assured that stocks of hogs in the province is still sufficient. 
"Hindi kita magkahadluk nga maubusan kita ka baboy rugya sa probinsya, tungod padayon man sa gihapon ang breeding ukon pagpaduro ka mga baboy kang atun mga hog raisers," Macuja stated.
Dr. Macuja also said that price of pork will decrease due to the Executive Order No. 124, issued by President Rodrigo Duterte last February 1, 2021,  which imposes price ceiling in selected pork and chicken products. 
"Tungod sa price ceiling nga ginpanaog  kang atun presidente ang presyo kang buhi nga baboy maganaba sa 120 pesos per kilo run lang compared sa previous week nga 140-150 pesos," Dr. Macuja said.
However, in an interview with one of the vendors in San Jose public market, she said that they are still selling pork at 230-240 pesos per kilo.
"Pano man bay namon panabaan ang amon baligya ka karne ka baboy, kay bakal namon ka buhi 150 pesos per kilo sa gihapon, amo nga pangabay gid kami sa DA (Department Agriculture) nga daad untaton anay ang pagtugot sa pagbaligya ka baboy sa Manila para magbuhi man ang negosyo ka mga ragmay nga manugbaligya rugya sa probinsya," she added.
Hogs from Antique still find their way to some of the provinces in Luzon. However, Dr. Macuja said that Sangguniang Panlalawigan Member Fernando Corvera is planning to issue a regulatory measures in terms of transporting pigs to other provinces.
As of now, Macuja said that Antique tightens its restrictions against African Swine Fever (ASF), by checking and confiscating pork products  in all establishments, and by designating personnel in every point of entry to check pork products coming in from ASF positive provinces.