Padayon ang Pag-ugwad sa Bugay kang Nagriligad

Parada Kang mga Balangay

December 19, 2022 @ 5:00PM

From Brgy. Malandog to EBJ Freedom Park

Antique is home to different cultures, each with a rich history. Its people take pride in their roots – a race of Malayan travellers and sailors. The Datus of the 13th Century made an impression in the ballads, prose, and passed down stories because of their courage to save their people from a vicious sultan. By seeking a more peaceful place where they could settle, they come upon the island of Panay and finally established a settlement in Antique, and eventually, a central government. These stories have been the subject of Binirayan festivities throughout the years. As we enter a new, post-pandemic age with everyone trying to rise from the economic decline of recent years, the organizing committee of the Binirayan Festival has been tasked to reimagine the celebration and modernize the activities to give a new face to the annual celebration. The success of last year’s Float Parade contest exhibit paved the way for another, grander and awe-inspiring PARADA KANG MGA BALANGAY 2022. With the theme, “Padayon Ang Pag Ugwad Sa Bugay Kang Nagriligad”, this year’s celebration will feature the different trademark cuisines, best-selling products, and the unique festivals of the different municipalities province-wide, all in each of their respective floats. The intricately designed festival floats will start their excursion at the very landing site of the Malayan Datus here in Antique, at Barangay Malandog, then will proceed to light the streets of San Jose de Buenavista before finally being displayed at the EBJ Plaza. The parading floats will be symbolizing the journey of the 10 Bornean Datus as they sailed an uncertain voyage to the unknown sea to seek refuge, just as we Antiqueños are now seeking an oasis in the midst of the challenges that we have faced in the last few years. May this activity bring us joy as it also brings us inspiration to strive harder for a more progressive future. Kruhay Antique, kruhay Antiqueños!

How to Join the Binirayan Parada ka mga Balangay



  1. The float should showcase your municipality through the designs and decorations
    along the Binirayan concept.
  2. All float entries should be built on a pick-up truck. Floats must be completed by
    parade kick-off. Name of the Municipality should be visible from front and back only
    of the float.
  3. The float parade will be held rain or shine. All floats must be at Barangay Malandog,
    Hamtic Float Staging location by 9:00 A.M. on parade day, for line-up. 
  4. All floats must be able to travel the entire parade route and may not, in any case, cause slowing or otherwise delay the parade movement. The Antique Provincial Tourism Office will be responsible for the parade route in accordance with proper highway and safety codes.
  5. Float must be no more than 10 feet tall with a basic “Balangay” shape/ structure
    before any decorative embellishments are added.
  6. Install lights on floats for evening parade and display
  7. Any type of material may be used for construction of the float’s structural and decorative elements.
  8. The floats must be detachable from the pick-up truck for display purposes.


  1. Winning municipality shall be given a P500,000.00 WORIH OF CULTURAL
    RELATED OR PROJECTED TOURISM SITE PROJECT for the year 2023 from the
  2. Only 1 winner will be declared no runner-ups. 

A panel of judges will determine the best float entries by using the following criteria. A maximum of 100 points may be earned from each of the judges

Judging would be 50%-day time and 50%-night time

  1. Overall Appearance (0-30 Points)
  2. Does the float adhere to the Binirayan concept?
  3. Does the float promote spirit and support for the Binirayan Festival
  4. Does the float appropriately represent or showcase the Municipality?

Originality (0-20 Points)

  • Is it something out of the ordinary?
  • Is the idea of the float projecting the theme of Binirayan Festival creatively?

Construction Quality (0-20 Points)

  • How well put together is it?
  • Difficulty of the construction?
  • Will the float last through the parade?
  • Does it look safe?

Bonus Points (0-10Points)

  • At least 70 percent of the float area should be covered with decorations. 10 bonus
    points will be given to the float which will make good use of natural sustainable
    materials and actual flora. 

Judging will take place during and after the parade. In the event of bad weather, final judging will take place during the Parade Line-up.

Judges decisions are final

The Balangay Parade

Route of Parade

From Brgy. Malandog

Float Sample and Dimension

Per Municipality 

Note: Design Conforms to the Festival’s Theme 

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