March 23, 2021|By Arnie Barcebal

In an interview this afternoon, Governor Rhodora Cadiao clarified that there is no lockdown in Antique, and returning Antiqueños must still follow Executive Order 35-B, series of 2021. This is in line with the recent issues regarding the rise of Covid-19 cases in the province, and the issuance of Resolution No. 104, Series of 2021 by the Regional Inter-Agency Task Force which temporarily restricted non-essential travellers to enter Western Visayas.”Bukot tuod ri-a nga may lockdown, kag regarding sa Regional IATF nga restrictions, we are not recognizing that, wara man sanda nag consult sa mga governors kag mayors nagpaguwa lng sanda dayon ka bag-o nga resolution. Kag sa Antique, meetingan pa ra namun kang mga mayors and (Provincial) IATF kon ano ang atun stand dyan kara”, Cadiao said.In EO 35-B, returning Antiqueños are required to undergo an RT-PCR test, and secure a Notice of Acceptance and Coordination from their Local Government Unit (LGU).According to Governor Cadiao, if she has to decide, she will not require an RT-PCR test from the returning Antiqueños.”Syempre nayawan run gane to ang mga kasimanwa natun sa Manila, kaluoy man sanda, wara sanda ti kwarta. Tapos bigla-bigla mapanaog sanda resolution nga ga require ka swab test. We are talking about Antiqueños who lost their job, those were displaced, Antiquenos who have lost their income in Manila ang they are coming home in Antique with their whole family. Mayad e kon sara lang e-swab paano kon bilog nga pamilya, tapos ma gastos ikaw kang P4,500 kada isara, that is too much”, Cadiao lamented.Moreover, the Governor also suggested that for those Antiqueños who will be coming home to Antique, they should take the flight from Manila to Antique via Philippine Airlines (PAL) or Starlite Ferries from Batangas to Lipata Port, Culasi.”Kon sa iloilo or Aklan sanda mag-agi, I’m sure they will have a hard time. I really suggest for those Antiqueños nga maga-uli sa Antique, take PAL (Manila to Antique) and Starlite Ferries via Antique para mas madali kaninyo”, Cadiao said.In her message, Governor Cadiao also reminded the public to listen and only share information from reliable sources to avoid uncertainty and fake news.