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Nov. 2, 2021

Guv leads oath of 2 newly promoted employees

Governor Rhodora Cadiao officiated the oath of office of two (2) newly promoted employees of the Provincial Government of Antique.
Atty. Dianah Jane L. Huele is a newly promoted Attorney IV in Provincial Legal Office.
She was a contract of service in the said office for two years.
“We will ensure that ang atun nga justice is equal. Eventhough, the Provincial Legal Office is the lawyer for the province. We will not compromise the right of the Antiqueños,” Atty. Huele stated.
Meanwhile, Ms. Ma. Cyville B. Fullones from Angel Salazar Memorial General Hospital (ASMGH) served for 10 years before she was promoted as Administrative Aide VI (Accounting Clerk II) after she was appointed as permanent employee last 2010.
“Nag casual ako 2003, nagpermanent ako 2010 tapos 2021 amo lang pagid pag promote ko,” said Ms. Fullones.
She further said that being a casual employee helped her more to achieve what she reached today.
“Bahol man nga bulig nga nag start ako as casual kay nagtugro man kanakon kang mga ideya. Hasta sa na reach ko ang amo dya nga posisyon, kag wara gid ako nag ekspektar nga sara ron ako ka section head sa admin department kang hospital,” Ms. Fullones added.
She also thanked Provincial Government through Governor Cadiao for giving her the opportunity to serve her fellow Antiqueños.
“Sa time ni Gov. (Cadiao) gid duro ang mga assistance from national government nga na avail gid kang province, especially kang ASMGH. May Malasakit Center kita nga kauna sa Western Visayas lang, kag wara dya sa Antique. Pero sa kadya rugyan ron sa Angel (ASMGH). May MAIP, may AICS,” she stated.
As of now, Governor Cadiao continues to improve the human resource of the province, as well as, the services given to the Antiqueños.