Province of Antique

Where the Mountains meet the sea. The Rising Star of Western Visayas

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Anini-y is the last town in the southern part of Antique and Panay Island. It is bordered by San Joaquin, Iloilo and Tobias Frornier, (formerly Dao) Antique. Its southern coast, where the 17 barangays are located, is bordered by the waters of Panay Gulf. The remaining 6 of its 23 barangays are located in the northern mountainous area of the municipality.

Tobias Fronier

The Municipality of Tobias Fornier’s historical background commenced during a negotiation for the barter of Aninipay between the Maraynons and the Ati tribe led by Datu Marikudo. This was in the form of a sadok (native nipa hat), a golden basin, and a golden necklace for Maniwantiwan, wife of Datu Marikudo. After the barter, the Atis moved from Aninipay to the inland, while the Maraynons began to clear the land and burned the shanty houses to be free from “Cabuyao” (a skin disease).


Hamtic has a total land area of 12,052.0672 hectares and is situated at the narrow coastal portion at the southern tip of the province of Antique. It is seven (7) kilometers away from San Jose de Buenavista, the province’s capital town and about ninety (90) kilometers away from Iloilo City. It is separated from Iloilo by a mountain range and is bounded on the west by the Sulu Sea or the Cuyu East Pass which is part of the vast China Sea, on the north by the municipality of San Jose de Buenavista, on the north-east by the municipality of Sibalom, on the east by the municipality of San Joaquin, Iloilo and on the south by the municipality of Tobias Fornier (formerly Dao).

San Jose

San Jose de Buenavista has grown from settlements founded as a visita. A visita is a settlement where the church was the center of the activities of the community. San Jose de Buenavista used to be a part of the town Antique (founded in 1745) and was a visita of this town. The visita was a settlement in a place called Tubigon near the Malandog River where a church was erected.


Sibalom is now well-known for its tagline “Experience the Gems of Sibalom” which means discovering the magnificent ecotourism places and natural wonders of the municipality. Visitors and tourists would be able to experience distinctive and natural adventures, natural attractions, pure hospitality, and relish the simple joy from local host populations and accommodations. Sibalom envisions to be the “Leading Ecotourism Wonder and Natural Adventure Destination in Western Visayas by 2025”.

San Remigio

Is a landlocked municipality in the coastal province of Antique. Out of 28 Rafflesia species, the biggest flower in the world, 10 can be found in the Philippines. And thankfully, it is abundant in Antique province. Rafflesia can be found in San Remigio, Valderrama, Sibalom, Barbaza and Culasi.


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Laua-an is a 4th Class Municipality located in the Central part of the Province of Antique. It is bounded on the North by the Municipality of Barbaza, on the East by the of Tapaz, Capiz, on the South by the Municipality of Bugasong and the Cuyo East Pass on the West. It is 55.10 kilometers away from the Municipality of San Jose de Buenavista the capital town of Antique and 153 kilometers from Iloilo City. A coastal town where the Nautical Highway passes thru, Laua-an can be reached by almost all types of land vehicles and by Roll-on Roll-off means of transportation, if one travels from Manila.


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