Padayon ang Pag-ugwad sa Bugay kang Nagriligad

December 21, 2022 @ 6:00PM

Malay-Ati Competition

Contest Rules and Mechanics


Dance-drama (Theatrical) and musical is the new concept of the Malay-Ati competition that will focus on the epic story that started in Borneo that led to the escape from the tyranny of Sultan Makatunaw to were sailing, landing, and settlement of the Ten Bornean Datus and the barter of golden “Sadok” and necklace to the natives (Aetas) in the place of Malandog in Hamtic happened. The combination of Dance, Drama, Theater, and Musical is considered the most essential parts to give more color and festive to the entire performance. Original Karay-a Music shall also be highlighted in the performance.

The finale Festival Dance shall be a prominent part of the choreography.

To be joined by 6 Municipalities

  • Tobias Fornier
  • Hamtic
  • San Jose
  • Belison
  • Valderrama
  • Barbaza

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