Province of Antique

Where the Mountains meet the sea. The Rising Star of Western Visayas

Governors Message

For almost a decade we have made strides in improving the quality of services to our kasimanwas, we have been resolute in making positive changes in the governance of  our beloved province. As a consequence, Antique earned a new moniker, the Rising Star of Western Visayas.

The seeds of change that we have sown are now bearing fruits, these can be seen in the road networks that traverse even the remotest of the barangays, in various infrastructures that mushroomed all over the province, in social programs that have eased the burden of those in dire situations, and also in the opportunities that our kasimanwas have in finding livelihood within their community and live fulfilling lives close to their families.

It is worth noting the influx of businesses that the locals are investing here in Antique. From the rising tourism sector to modern agriculture, many Antiqueños found their niche in a diverse and multi-faceted market as we enter the post-pandemic chapter of our generation. This abrupt change in Antique   is a sign that Antiqueños have shed the old psyche of negativity that haunted us for decades. The optimistic atmosphere that prevails in this land is invigorating and creates synergy with the development goals of this administration. This sense of inspiration will propel us towards the greater heights.