Welcome to the official website of the Provincial Government of Antique!

As Antique enters a new era, I would like to make sure that every Antiqueño stays well-informed and involve in the development of our province at all times. Hence, the creation of this website to better connect with each and every one of you.

Through this website, access to data and information about my leadership will be easy and fast as I believe that one important core of good governance is transparency.

I would also like to make sure that no Antiqueño will be deprived of right information, and better communication with your government. Here, you can see the projects, assistance, services, and other support that my leadership is willing to serve you.

As the mother of this province, its my pride and pleasure to present Antique to the world. So, through this website, I would also like to invite tourists and investors to come and see Antique! Witness by yourself the potential, opportunities, and beauty of our province!

Kruhay and duro-duro gid nga Salamat!