Padayon ang Pag-ugwad sa Bugay kang Nagriligad


The First and Biggest Food and Trade Fair in Antique, now in its 3rd year.

Even at the peak of the various lockdowns and alert levels during the first year of the COVID 19 Pandemic, the celebrations of the Binirayan Festival seemed reduced to a minimum through the Kapitolyo Market also known as Fiesta Binirayan last December 2020.

This was to give the Antiqueños a semblance of normalcy despite the health crisis gripping the nation and the world then. The Antique Provincial Tourism Office, with the blessing of Governor Rhodora Cadiao, assembled Antiqueño food sellers from Facebook, family-owned businesses, and OFWs who have resorted to online selling to augment their income, and gave them a space to sell and build their reputation.

According to Provincial Tourism Head, Mr. Juan Carlos Cadiao Perlas, “Fiesta Binirayan has become the incubator of MSMEs [Micro Small & Medium Enterprises] since its inception as Capitolyo Market in December 2020. We’ve had some “graduates” that have evolved from seasonal night market sellers to full-time businesses with physical restaurants and stores located within the province.”

Many food merchants that presented their dishes during the food tasting are returning for their second or third year.

“Fiesta Binirayan is a rebranding of the Food Festivals from years past. And we believe that we have somehow transformed it for the benefit of our kasimanwa economically and as a nightly experience for foodies.”

For the past 2 years, participating Antiqueño merchants have been operating rent-free during the entirety of the food and trade fair.

“The Governor insisted that we keep the Fiesta Binirayan Food and Trade Fair RENT FREE for all the participating merchants to continue giving our returnees and new applicants the opportunity to earn and expand,” he adds.

Stricter Standards for food merchants and product sellers are being enforced this year to continue giving the province’s original and biggest night market which will run continuously for 21 days from December 1-21.

“The Provincial Tourism Office is holding up our end of the bargain by not charging them rentals or taking away from their income. However, our merchants also need to help us bring the night market experience to the next level. That is why we have drafted new rules for operations and engaging our guests.”

Judging the Food Tasting and Product Presentation of Fiesta Binirayan 2022 was made open to various offices of the Provincial Capitol and media members to ensure an objective assessment of the food and other merchandise on offer.

Food and dine

“We want to be very transparent with our selection process that is why we want the other offices and Capitol employees involved. This is also an opportunity for us to be familiar with the applying merchants and build our network with Antiqueño foodies, chefs, and family cooks since it is still Tourism Month and we are celebrating Bugana, Antique’s Bounty through our cuisine.”

A new component will be added to the food and trade fair. Binirayan Turismo will be the Tourism Promotions arm of Fiesta Binirayan 2022. This will feature the tourism experiences and tourism experience providers throughout the province in large-scale displays to be built by the participating municipalities.

“For her third term, our beloved Governor has repeatedly stressed the vital importance of Tourism towards economic recovery and growth now that we are reeling from the effects of COVID. Antique has a lot more to offer than usual. We have so much planned and in store for the Tourism Industry in Antique.”

Fiesta Binirayan will officially start on Dec 1 and will run until December 21.

Fiesta Binirayan rebranding the tourism experience in the province

Pia Francisco (PIO)

According to JC Cadiao Perlas, Officer-in-charge of Antique Provincial Tourism Office, Fiesta Binirayan started in 2020, back then it was called Kapitolyo Market. They put it up as a physical marketplace for Antiqueños who opted to sell online or via phone due to the pandemic.

“We can gather them that year even with stricter Binirayan festivities, we still gave the people an assemblance of the Christmas celebration. Which became successful so we rebranded it to Fiesta Binirayan.” he added.

Fiesta Binirayan, became an upmarket version of what the old Binirayan Food Fest in the province has been.

Furthermore, he said that the “Tourism Office believes that if you build the venue in a certain way, turning it upmarket gives us all the opportunity to have a different tourism experience.”

“Pagkatapos mo magkaon, makabakal kaw kang pang regalo, and food items nga pwede i-giveaways sa Christmas,” Perlas added.

Moreover, Jhanne Suriaga, owner of K-Groceria, said that they were thankful for the Kapitolyo Market, because, since they joined last 2020, they were able to put up their business and opened a small store and restaurant.

“Thankful gid kami kay Governor Cadiao, and Sir JC kay kang nag start ang Kapitolyo Market ang amon nga business nag grow gid.” she added.

Fiesta Binirayan caters to the two aspects of this year’s Binirayan Festival, the food, and trade – the other aspect which is tourism will be through the Binirayan Tourismo.

The latter’s prime attraction will be the Malandog River Cruise which will start on November 8.

It will consist of a floating restaurant where visitors may experience both the serendipity of the location and the warmth of the Antiqueño people.

All Antiqueños have a special place in their hearts for the Malandog River. For them, this location serves as both the first barangay seat and the cradle of Malayan civilization.

The Binirayan Festival will be a 3-week-long celebration that will start on December 1 to 21, 2022, and the highlights will be from December 19th to 21st.

On December 19, it will be the re-enactment (of the arrival of the datus), float parade, and cultural night. The coronation night for Lin-ay Kang Antique will be on the 20th. While the Malay-Ati street dancing will be on the 21st of December.

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