Padayon ang Pag-ugwad sa Bugay kang Nagriligad


December 19, 2022 @ 5:00PM

Reenactment Storyboard

The Arrival of the 10 Bornean Datus is the catalyst of the Binirayan Festival.

WE are that story, passed on through the centuries.

WE are the people from the Cradle of Pre-Hispanic Civilization in Panay Island: Malandog, Hamtic, Antique

Folkloric  Ballet

A fusion of balletic and ethnic movements resulting in a modernist dance style that seeks to

serve the dramatic narrative outside

the traditional dance performance.

The 2022 Binirayan Reenactment Choreography will be a dance drama inspired by the pioneering work of the late National Artist

Leonor Orosa – Goquingco
National Artist for Dance


The 2022 Binirayan Reenactment will have a new look.

In the absence of a full-on Production Design, the Costume Design and Props will aid the narrative. 

15-20 minutes run time.  Maximum Cast of 40.

No spoonfeeding, No insulting the intelligence of the audience, No long dialogues, just DANCE & MUSIC

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