Governor Rhodora ′′ Dododod ′′ Cadiao kaimaw the Mayor, Sangguniang Province members and you end up Inter Agency Task Force continue to recommend to the National Inter Agency Task Force to bring the province to Low Risk Modified General Community Quarantine in the beginning of August 16-31 2020., 2020.Pira to those who decided that the province will be the one who will be strict in watching Libertad, Pandan, Hamtic and Anini-y. All those who will go to the province will fill out the formas, and take a picture of the identification cards, and the temperature will be checked. Samtang, it’s nice to advise that you are APORs and government workers that if you can be in your darwa, you will be in the place where you will be able to get the local transmission in the provinces with duro You are the case of Covid-19 virus.According to Governor Cadiao dya bukot ti border restriction but dya sangka way province so that it will be easy to trace those positive who went to the province.In the piyak part, even in the meeting that you should enter a face mask and face shield the fish dealers who will deliver in the province because of the fish port sara in duro nga covid contamination.Governor Cadiao even asked him to enter face shield to all those who rode public cars and places.Even though the province is a mensyunar, continue to reach Locally Stranded Individual (LSIs) as long as there is a Certificate of Acceptance, Travel Authority and Medical Certification where there is a covid positive and there is no symptoms of Covid – 19.At the end, Governor Cadiao made Antiqueño alert and follow the health protocol so that the disease will be tolerated.Gov ‘ t’s new Executive Order. Cadiao and to those who will post on official facebook page in the province.