By Arnie Barcebal/ January 20, 2021

As the number of African Swine Fever (ASF) rises in some provinces in the country, Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Florencio Macuja said in a phone interview today, January 20, 2021, that Antique is still ASF free.

“Actually sa Antique kag sa Western Visayas wara pa gid tatun ti kaso kang African Swine Fever rugya,” Macuja said.

He said that Animal Technicians in every municipalities are conducting an African Swine Fever negative monitoring test every two weeks to ensure and check the status of hogs in the province.

He also said that in every point of entry in Western Visayas, particularly in Iloilo, and Aklan are strictly monitored to make sure that no pork, alive or processed could enter the region.

“Ang problema lang natun ang mga gina hand carry ka mga naga uruli rugya sa probinsya nga may dara kang mga processed meat, amo daad ginadumilian gid anay magdara ka mga may karne ka baboy nga produkto rugya sa probinsya,” Macuja said.

Moreover, Macuja said that if ASF enters the province all hogs within one (1) kilometer radius (ASF positive) will be killed, and from two (2) to ten (10) kilometers will have restrictions in movement. “Once makasulod dya sa probinsya duro ma apektuhan, ang pangabuy-an kag bahol gid nga lugi sa ekonomiya kang baboy natun,” Macuja added.

He also reminded the Antiqueños not to purchase pork product, processed and frozen, especially from outside Western Visayas. “Kabay pa gid nga ang tagsa-tagsa kanaton mag kooperar, dumilian anay pagbakal ka produkto nga may karne ka baboy online, kapin pa galin sa iba nga probinsya. Let us cooperate para mangin ASF free sa giyapon ang probinsya kang Antique,” Macuja added.

As of now, Antique delivers hogs to Luzon particularly in Metro Manila, Rizal and Bulacan. However, according to Dr. Macuja there are certain protocols to follow; they must have Veterinary Health Certificate (issued by ProVet), Veterinary Shipping Permit (issued by Bureau of Animal Industry), and Disinfection Certificate (issued by Provet).

This is to make sure that hogs going out of the province and personnel/truckings going back to the province are safe from any viruses.

Tomorrow, January 21, 2020, members of Antique African Swine Fever Crisis Management Task Force will have their meeting with Governor Rhodora Cadiao to formulate solutions and plans to protect and secure swine industry in the province, and to make sure that Antique still to be called as ASF free.