Province of Antique

Where the Mountains meet the sea. The Rising Star of Western Visayas


Anini-y is the last town in the southern part of Antique and Panay Island. It is bordered by San Joaquin, Iloilo and Tobias Frornier, (formerly Dao) Antique. Its southern coast, where the 17 barangays are located, is bordered by the waters of Panay Gulf. The remaining 6 of its 23 barangays are located in the northern mountainous area of the municipality.

The highest point in Anini-y is Mt. Aliwliw; with majority of land area above 18% slope, it is classified as upland ecosystem. Cresta de Gallo, also one of the most notable peaks in Anini-y, has been identified as a potential tourism site.

The municipality has a land area of 48.89 square kilometers or 18.88 square miles which constitutes 1.79% of Antique’s total area. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 22,018. This represented 3.59% of the total population of Antique province, or 0.28% of the overall population of the Western Visayas region. Based on these figures, the population density is computed at 450 inhabitants per square kilometer or 1,166 inhabitants per square mile.

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