Czerwin S. Juales takes oath as the new Nurse V assigned at the Angel Salazar Memorial General Hospital.

Governor Rhodora “Dodod” Cadiao administers oath of 15 provincial government employees in her office today, Decembere 14, 2020.

“You always have to remember, despite of the pandemic, despite the 70, 000 Filipinos who are losing their job, you are taking your oath for a higher position or a permanent job. That is in itself a blessing from the Lord.”

One of Gov. Cadiao’s main thrust during her administration is the improvement of government services in the province through promotion and hiring competent employees. In this pandemic, Gov. Cadiao reminds the newly-appointed employees to be thankful of their blessings and not to forget the oath they took.

“Maraming mga empleyado, once they take their oath of office they already forgot what they promised.”

One of the employees who was promoted today was Mrs. Noemi Tagle from the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office. Tagle is a familiar face among the Antiqueños availing the multiple financial assistance program of the provincial government as she is always present to guide the beneficiaries before and after the distribution.

Noemi Tagle chokes up as she takes her oath as her family supports her.

“Thank you very much for Gov. Cadiao nga nakita na akun nga effort. Nakita na how I worked so hard.Pag-apply ko for this position wara gid tana nag-second thought, gin-promote ako for this recent position, Administrative Officer V.”

Tagle has been working for the provincial government since October 12, 1992 at the Provincial Population Commission (POPCOM). She was promoted three times and recently vacated her Administrative Officer IV position before taking her oath today.

“Ang presence nanda, makes me strong kag dedicated pa gid sa akun ubra. Kay kung kis-a wara run ako tiyempo sa pamilya ko dahil sa akun ubra. But thank you, kay nakita man nanda ang effort ko through sa anda presence mapakita nanda nga they supported me,” says Tagle.

The remaining promoted employees are: Czerwin S. Juales , Nurse V (Angel Salazar Memorial General Hospital); Whenold M. Pineda and Anniever M. Nicopior, Agriculturist II (Provincial Veterinarian’s Office); Fracy Joy O. Escote, Pharmacist II (Bugasong Medicare Community Hospital); Marani S. Hecita, Medical Technologist (Integrated Provincial Health Office); Lucena A. Diaz, Bookbiner IV (Provincial Budget Office); Adelma P. Cadiao and Mark Greg Vegafria, Administrative Assistance II (Provincial Budget Office); Reinhard C. Sebonga, Engineering Assistant (Provincial Engineering Office); Pherley Maricon N. Santillan, Draftsman (Provincial Engineer’s Office); Jeffrey De Monteverde, Carpernter I (Provincial Engineer’s Office); Roberto M. Nallonar, Jr. and Ricky S. Bello, Construction and Maintenance (Provincial Engineer’s Office); and Lord Franky F. Gomez, Animal Keeper (Provincial Veterinarian’s Office).

(Mary Catherine Ynez U. Lavega/Antique PIO)