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  1. Flag Raising Ceremony sponsored by the Provincial Youth Affairs Office;
  2. Spearheaded the distribution of 5 to 10 sacks of rice (depending on the number of students from each school) to eight (8) different elementary schools in the province. The rice allotment is part of the school-based program of the Provincial Government through the Provincial Nutrition Council, headed by Dr. Leoncio Abiera, and the sacks of rice distributed are good for the month of March only;

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AICS Ready for Distribution

Published hereunder are the names of recipients for the Aids to Individuals in Crisis Situation whose cheques are ready for release at the Antique Provincial Capitol .

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Pagpasidungog sa mga kamal-aman 

Gin kalipay gid nga gin anunsyo ni Gobernor Dodod Cadiao sa flag ceremony nga gin patigayon kadya nga Lunes it aga, Oktubre 26, 2015 sa EBJ Freedom Park ang nahanungod sa pagtugro kang pasidungog kang nagligad nga adlaw sa mga senior citizens.

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9 Antique studes set to defend stat quiz crown

October 20, 2015

SAN JOSE, Antique – Representatives from three Antique secondary schools are set to defend the province’s title in the Regional Statistics Quiz after winning the provincial tilt on Friday at the Merrace Training Center here.

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