Hinugyaw Kabataan: In A Youth's Perspective

6:30 am at the vicinity of EBJ Plaza and it’s swarming with youths wearing colored shirts from the color of the rainbow. Spectators might hear different accents from their mouths, from that of Libertad to the southernmost part of our province, Anini-y. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet, the pattern that created the longest parade line the youths of Antique had made. Beautiful girls and handsome boys, serve as muses and escorts of every municipality and school organizations holding their own tarpaulins proudly saying that they are a part of the Hinugyaw Kabataan 2016 celebration and as proud members of the Antique Amazing Youth. Entering the EBJ Gymnasium, as part of the last participants, I was amazed by the sheer number of participants. The place being partitioned by each group’s color, loud chatters reverberating across the place making it hard to converse loud cheers accompanied by honking of horns and the beating of the drums when roll calls came but neither compare to the united shout of One Antique as Gov. Cadiao lead them. One Antique, that might be the perfect term when you’re among the youths of Antique, 17 municipalities and several organization with only one goal, to fully celebrate and own December 23 as their day. Series of activities were thrown, from dance contest to merry-making and to an evening program that consists of presentation of muses and escorts in their festival/gods and goddesses attire, entertained by ABS-CBN stars, grand fireworks display and the colored powder/ foam party. As other may claim, it is a first that they’ve seen the EBJ Freedom Park jam-packed by the youths. A flood of people in white, with Hinugyaw Kabataan printed at the front, eager young people to party to showcase their talents and to be entertained. As night grew, white shirts were splashed by colorful powder, one might even see several persons covered in color from head to toe. Fatigue can’t be seen in their faces, just pure enjoyment, not even minding that they woke up so early in the morning and participated in several physical activities. Behind this grand event were youth leaders who made it possible. In every municipality, they strived hard to plan out and made sure that the Antiqueño youths would enjoy. They even took initiatives so that everything is accounted for, may it be their transportation, food and accommodations. Behind the stress of organizing such event, in their minds they are as excited as other youths that they work hard but play harder.