Travelling a few minutes from the shore of Anini-y, across the clear blue water of the ocean you’ll see a single island surrounded by trees and a thin white line bordering its entrance.

Nearing the mystical island, you’ll clearly see the corals and the richness of the biodiversity underneath. As the shore becomes clearer, unexpectedly the whiteness of it was not caused by fine white sand but by coarse sand, crushed pebbles, bleached corals and remains of seashells; thus, it drew the line between the sea and the virgin forest.

Entering, there’s a picturesque passage that will welcome you, a lane made up by calachuchi (plumeria) trees leading you to only one destination, the lighthouse. Giving way to those who seek refuge from the sea, the one giving way to a safe place.

As you walk pass by the lighthouse, in the narrow lane, you’ll get immersed with nature, discovering the untouched part of Nogas where you’ll see different trees and bats passing by above you. After a few minutes, you’ll see the century-old balete tree, like a fortress in the hidden kingdom of the island. Making you question if you’re brave enough to go through this adventure. 

Following the path walk, it would lead you to the other side of the island, a long walk I assure you filled with mangrove trees at the right and occasional duck from low-hanging branches of trees. Perseverance is the key to push through the walk, there are no shortcuts, just that single path to lead you to another beautiful place. A walk is what we needed from our life nowadays, through this we fully appreciate nature and just contemplate on life generally. Not minding the heat and 

Surrounded by various myths, Nogas became a folklore to the residents of Anini-y and thus it was passed to curious travelers wanting to explore the island and appreciate its uniqueness.