One month has passed since the Palarong Pambansa 2017 but memories, as well as feelings, are still fresh in our minds; that we often retell to our friends. It is not just all about the sporting event, it is also about making memories and lasting impressions, and meeting friends.


Many of us are still in awe about the grandeur of its opening ceremony where many Antiqueños chose to watch in the grandstand along with our President Rodrigo Duterte while other opted to watch and listen in the comfort of their own homes. The excitement can be felt back then, hearing even strangers that passes you by plan for the whole week. But the thing that was imprinted that I’ll forever cherish in my mind was our visitors’ impression to us. I can personally attest through hearing from them directly how amazed they were of the beauty of our province; not just physically but also the beauty inside every Antiqueños they met. They said that coming to Antique was a breath of fresh air to what they were used to, where they experienced certain traits that they thought hardly exist nowadays; that is hospitality, honesty and helpfulness. Just a smile from an Antiqueño that they came across made them feel welcomed, just a simple help made them feel so grateful and know that an Antiqueño is trustworthy. Just simple things and acts made a lasting good impression to them, making them want to come back and experience more of Antique. 


One had mentioned that we had such large sports complex, that it still lacking some facilities but there is a possibility for further development; a statement that I agreed on since this is just the start of the development of our province. The province is still on the stage of taking small steps, but slowly as years pass by it will run to its full extent and it will be a force to be reckon with.


More than 20,000 people from all over the country came to our province, surely you met a dozen of different personalities and became friends to a handful of them. Numbers exchanged, stories shared, memories made – we may not have won medals unlike the athletes, but we have won friends that may last a lifetime. We’ll discover more about their culture whether they may be from Luzon or Mindanao, or just from Visayas; and when we visit their home or province we’ll also feel welcomed, just like what we’ve done for them.

This kind of event made us realized the extent of what made us Antiqueños, of what we are capable to do and the possibilities of development not just in ourselves but also for our dear province, Antique.