Barangay Captain Elmor Vego of District III Sibalom, Antique passed a resolution to Governor Rhodora J. Cadiao for a 200-meter concrete road extension worth 2 million pesos for Evelio B. Javier (EBJ) Street.
The EBJ Street with a total length of 300 meters had already completed its one hundred meter concretization that cost one million pesos last March 2017.The said street is part of the Farm-to-Market Road project implemented by the provincial government that will serve as a connecting road between Egaña, Sibalom and Sitio Puro of District III.“The residents find it hard to access the road during the rainy season, and the EBJ Street is for farmers…

 once it is completed, our farmers will no longer experience difficulties bringing their fertilizers and other products to the market,” Vego said.District III has a population of 6,299 and 724 households according to Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) recorded last 2014. It is the center of market and trade in the town of Sibalom, thus, requiring an accessible farm to market roads.
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