As of May 2017, there are a total of 84 reported cases of HIV/AIDS in the province of Antique. It increased from 67 of December 2016. This is according to the official statistics recorded since January 1986 released by the Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) of Antique through its satellite office, HIV and AIDS Core Team (HACT).
The town of San Jose has the most number of reported cases with 20, followed by Hamtic with nine, and Culasi with eight cases.
Out of the 84 reported cases, 82 of these are males and two are females. Forty-three of these belong to the ages 25 to 34 years old, while 27 of these are from 15 to 24 years old.

The leading mode of transmission is through homosexual partners, followed by bisexual intercourse, and heterosexual intercourse.
According to Mr. Roche Joseph V. Sabug, R.N., Nurse I/HIV Counselor at the HACT office of the Province, they are currently handling 25 HIV/AIDS patients, an increase from the five cases of 2015.
“Duro run ang nabuol ta nga HIV positive tungud ria sa awareness campaign natun. Bukut ti kuon nga duro ang nalatnan kay kauna duro ang mga may HIV nga hadluk pa tungud sa stigma (We have recorded more HIV cases because of awareness campaigns. This increase in number can be attributed to more people getting tested, overcoming the stigma associated with HIV),” Mr. Sabug said.
“So amo ra ang gina-promote natun nga iduraun ang stigma para nga duro pa gid ang mgapa-test sa HIV… Kag kun ma-capture natun nga mag-positive sanda, ma-treat dayun natun sanda. Libre man ang treatment (So we are promoting to stop the stigma so that more people will get tested. Consequently, those who will be confirmed positive can be treated since the treatment is also free),” he added.
Furthermore, Mr. Sabug added that the IPHO also plans to organize fora and symposiums on HIV/AIDS awareness for each municipality in Antique by the last quarter of 2017.
He also mentioned Red Seahorse, a local non-government organization and support group for Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV), participated by both PLHIV and non-PLHIV volunteers, which raises fund for its beneficiaries.

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