Antique Governor Rhodora J. Cadiao on Wednesday thanked the Vallacar Transit, Inc. for donating one bus    unit to the provincial government. Gov. Cadiao, in an interview, said the donation was given by the bus company in response to her request      for a bus that could accommodate large number of tourists and visitors of the province.

Vallacar Transit, Inc. is the operator of one of the largest land transportations in Negros and Panay Island,     as well as of the Ceres buses.  “We are grateful for the company,” Gov. Cadiao said.  The governor added that the bus donation would be helpful to the province, especially in terms of tourism.    Now considered the “Rising Star of Panay,” Antique harbored around 1.5 million tourists since January this year. Moreover, the donated bus was painted anew for Antique’s tourism promotion. According to the provincial government, the bus can be requested by offices or individuals who need it in line with the promotion of the province. On Monday, the provincial government also gave a certificate of appreciation to the said bus company for lending two buses during April’s Palarong Pambansa held in the province.