Business Requirements

  1. Barangay Clearance
  2. BIR Registration& SSS Clearance
  3. DTI Registration/ SEC Registration (for new)
  4. Sworn Statement of Gross Sales ( for renewal only)



Documents needed for the release of Mayor’s Permit

Police Clearance
Prosecutor Clearance (For Night Club & Videoke Bar Only
Court Clearance
Building Inspection Clearance
Zoning Clearance
Sanitary Clearance 
Fire Clearance
Occupation Tax of Employees and Workers
Residence Certificate of Owner & Employees/Workers
Corporate Tax ( For Corporation only)


For Zoning 

For New Applicants

Proof of Ownership TCT/ Tax Declaration (land & building)
Contract of Lease
Business Location Sketch

For single Proprietorship

1. Business Name registration

Agency: Dept. Of Trade & Industry ( DTI),
Address: Solana Street, San Jose, Antique
Tel no.: (036) 540 - 8726


  • Accomplished Business Name Registration Form
  • Proprietorship/Partnership (optional)
  • 2 pcs. 2x2 colored ID picture
  • Tax Identification Number (optional)
  • List five business names ranked according to preferences
  • Registration fee


2. Mayor’s permit 

Agency: Local Municipality where business is located


  • Accomplished business permit application form
  • DTI - business name certificate
  • Sketch of business location 
  • 2 pcs. 2x2 ID colored picture
  • Registration fee, amount of which depends on the type of the business


3. Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Agency: Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
Address: Salazar Corner, Calixto Zaldivar Street, San Jose, Antique
Tel no.: (036) 540-7083


  • Accomplished form 1901
  • Mayor’s permit
  • Registration fee of P500.00


4. Social Security System (SSS) Certificate

Agency: Social Security System (SSS) 
Address: Bantayan, San Jose, Antique
Tel no.: (036) 540 - 8112


  • Accomplished R1 Form
  • DTI Business PErmit
  • Mayor’s Permit


5. Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Registration (with 5 or more employees)

Agency: Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)
Address: Cerdena Street, San Jose, Antique
Tel no.: (036) 540 - 7067


  • Accomplished rule 1020 form
  • Lay-out of business location
  • Vicinity map


For Partnership

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate
Agency: Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Address: Iloilo City
Tel no.: (033) (632) 584 - 0923


  • Verification Slip Form (re: proposed name)
  • Accomplished Registration Data Sheet
  • Articles Partnership
  • Written Undertaking to Change Corporate Name
  • If the contributed capital is in the form of property, additional requirement is needed:
  • Deed of Assignment executed by the stockholder who is the owner.


For Corporation

Agency: Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Address: Iloilo City
Tel no.: (033) (632) 584 - 0923


  • Articles of incorporation and By-laws
  • Verification slip form (Re: Corporate name)
  • Accomplished Registration Data Sheet
  • Treasurer’s Affidavit
  • Bank certificate Deposit
  • Authority to Verify Bank Accounts
  • Written Undertaking to Change Corporate Name when necessary
  • Subscriber’s information sheet
  • If paid-up capital is a property, submit the following additional requirements:
  • Statement of assets and liabilities deed of assignment executed by the stockholder who is the owner of the property in favor of the corporation. If the property contributed is a building or a parcel of land, the deed must be presented to the register of deeds for registration.
  • If the property being contributed is a parcel of land, submit detailed list of the parcel of land showing the OCT/TCT numbers, registered owner, lot and block numbers, area, location and encumbrances, if any.
  • Registration Fee


Other Agencies

Agency: Provincial Tourism Office
Address: New Provincial, San Jose, Antique
Tel no.: (036) 540 - 7110


  • Application for duly accomplished and notarized
  • Mayor’s permit and/or municipal license with official receipts
  • SEC certificate and articles of incorporation or partnership
  • DTI business claim certificate
  • Board Resolution of Corporation or letter of authority from owner/partners if single proprietorship or partnership.
  • Notarized list of all officials and employees with their respective positions, nationalities, and home addresses certified by the general manager.
  • List of tour guides, travel representatives, consultants, sales agents/persons, who are regularly engaged in soliciting and booking of passengers with their nationalities and home addresses.
  • Application for permit to work for new general manager; Proof of inbound/local tour operation and/or foreign exchange earning receipts form local and inbound tours.
  • For alien personnel, valid visa form the bureau of immigration (ICR for native born/resident aliens and visa for prearranged employees) and permit from the DOLE Alien Employment Registration Certificate for resident aliens and Alien Employment permit for non-resident aliens. Submit papers for resident aliens only once unless there are amendments.
  • Tour packages with name of tour guides, hotels, resorts, transport-operators, restaurants, entertainment establishments and tariff rates.