(island get-away-sands, sun and sea)

Caluya captures the authentic tropical island adventure. White sand beaches, succulent sea foods and the warm island sun are but a few of what this island municipality has to offer.

Add to these, the warm smile of its people and the thrill of exploring  the islets around; be enchanted with the many “rooms” as you explore Caluya’s caves.

The Tatusan Festival held every year is a festival that expresses unity amidst diversity and is the very reason Caluyanhons come home to. Hear them sing their song with zest: “O Caluya paraiso namun, mapabugal sa taguipusu-on…”

Points of entry to this island municipality- Lipata port in Culasi, Libertad and the island is now accessible from the San Jose-Mindoro Port. Number of hours to travel: 6-8 hours from Culasi and/or Libertad ports.

Attractiions & Activities: White sand beaches, Tambalang (seaweed) farm, Island hopping, Diving, Snorkeling