(a profusion of nature and spiritual blessings)

Since the Spanish time, every 3rd of February pilgrims from various places come to Sebaste to seek the blessing of Saint Blaise, the miraculous patron of this town. Gaining the same fervor, local as well as foreign tourists visit Sebaste to see the profusion of nature starting with the Igpasungaw Fall to the blooms of Rafflesia Lobata deep in its jungle.

Feast your eyes on a variety of flora and fauna: parrots, red-breasted pigeons, orioles and dalawidaw which are abundant at the Nabang Mountain- where the famous Igapasungaw Falls originates.

In the same manner, Layas-Sebastehanons and Antiqueno nearby flock to this quaint town to dance to the beat of its Patuyaw Festival every April. Convincingly, it is the main reason for its “layas” to come home and reunite with families to recall sweet memories.

Attractions & Activities: Sn. Blas Statue, Sn. Blas Church, Igpasungaw Falls, Trekking, Camping, Swimming, Mountain Climbing