(intamed terrain, resilient culture)

The veranda to the skies, Valderram lies, is where Mt. Baloy lies, mythically known as the husband of Madia-as, and it is here where you could poetically say, it is here “where the mountains meet the skies”.

Valderrama is home of the Iraynun-Bukidnon people, an indigeneous group that still retain the classic Karay-a culture. Be enticed with the way they live, and witness their unique culture, songs and dances they have religiously kept through the years.

Its rugged terrain is ideal for mountain climbing and its forests are among the immaculate int his side of the globe. It is home to some of the unique flora and fauna, endemic only in the area like the beauteous pitcher plant. It is natural beauty that could ease the trekker’s tired and sun-drenched body after a long climb up the Mt. Baloy’s peak.

It is 53 kilometers from San Jose de Buenavista.

Attractions & Activities: Villa Valderrama, Mt. Igcoron, Mt. Baloy, Iraynun-Bukidnon Tribe, Trekking, Camping