(Adventure in the highlands)

Care to “hambaru” with nature in the highands? 

Then go to San Remegio, with its rugged terrain very ideal for trekking, biking and other outdoor adventures.  Brgy. Aningalan is the place we can go to when we have these adventures in mind.  Plus the fresh farm produce raised by the farmers, San Remigio, specifically Aningalan, deserves ti becalled the “little Baguio” of the province and the “vegetable basket” of Panay Island. 

Be attracted to the mystic Igbaclag Cave and Igmatindug Peak in Brgy. Nagbangi; explore Bato Cueva and climb the view deck in Brgy. La Union and wander at the beauty of Pula Falls in Brgy. Baladjay.  

Release your adrenalin and say, “the creator was in His best mood when He created San Remegio.” 

Dance to the “Hambaru” beat and watch the “birds” gather harmoniously, playfully chase each other in the ceremony of  courtship.  

That, in a nutshell, is Hambaru Festival, a meaningful celebration of an abundant life of a San Remgionhon.  

It is 29 kilometers from San Jose de Buenavista.

ATTRACTIONS AND ACTIVITIES : Bato Cueva, Pula Falls, Spelunking, Aningalan Highlands, Igbaclag Cave, Trekking, Biking , Camping, Mountain Climbing