(the lure rural relaxation)

Entering the sleepy town of Belison, feel the warm welcome of the century-old acacia trees lining up the highways.

Mt. Guinobatan, a mystical mountain atop Brgy. Buenavista, serves as a palngat (daymark) for the fisherfolks. On Good Fridays of each year, go and explore the Guinobatan Cave and find amulets and anting-anting, pangalap or panudlak (magic charms).

Have a taste of fresh caw’s milk, the town’s premier product. Be lured and refreshed at the Toro-toro Waterfalls, surrounded by lush century old ferns, wild flowers and ornamental plants and trees.

Belison boasts of its Biray Festival celebrated every 1st of June, which pays homage to the Virgin Mary through a colorful fluvial parade and dancing, frolicking and sharing of food at the beach.

The second youngest among the 18 towns, having been made a separate town from Patnongon on March 10, 1961. Belison is 15 kilometers from San Jose de Buenavista.

Attractions & Activities: Guinobatan Cave, Spelunking, Swimming, Trekking