(nature’s bounty, man’s creativity)

Mao-it River is at the foot of Mt. Poras, with its boulders of semi-precious stones such as and agate is a feast to the eyes and the senses. Sibalom Natural Park, is the home of the Rafflesia Speciosa and a perfect place for trekking and camping. Up the trails to Mt. Poras, is where a cacophony of nocturnal sounds of birds and wild animals could be heard. Smallest crab that emit a shrieking sound are also sheltered here.

In Brgy. Bari, potters are still using their ancestor’s technology to make earthenwares, with matching rituals lest these obras be broken or not done at all.Blacksmiths in Pasong and Odiong craft traditional bolos and other blade tools. 

The Sibalomnons bind themselves as one as depicted in its yearly Buruylaganay Festival, showcased through dances, music and a colorful parade participated in by every sector.

Sibalom is 10 kilometers from San Jose de Buenavista.

Attractions & Activities: Sibalom Natural Park, Spelunking, Trekking, Camping, Mountain Climbing