(peaks, beaches and rustic mystery)

Formerly known as Dao, Tobias Fornier’s rugged coastline converges at Punta Hagdan with familiar peaks jutting out to the sea. Along the locale, divers find live corals and colorful fishes, some endemic only in the area.

While in Punta Hagdan, be reminded that Tobias Fornier is the proof that in Antique, there is this place where “the mountains are hugging the sea “.

Watch the setting of the sun from atop on one of its mountain where fruit bearing and endemic trees serve as canopies for the mountaineers.

Join the merriment of the townsfolk as they perform the rites to ask for rain and to thank the ancestral spirit for good harvest. This festival, dubbed as Panaet Tarambayaw is held every last week of February.

Tobias Fornier is 28 kilometers away from San Jose de Buenavista and 98 kilometers from Iloilo City.

Attractions & Activities: Punta Hagdan, Marine Sanctuary, San Antonio de Padua Church, Diving, Snorkeling, Beach Combing