(a quaint aqua-adventure paradise)

Anini-y protrudes at the southmost tip of Panay Island facing Sulu Sea,making it ideal for water adventure. Dive into its pristine waters where multi-colored corals and fishes await and be awed with the immense and diverse beauty of marine life, natures gift beyond imagination.

Take a dip into Sira-an Hot Spring, with its unique location overlooking the white sand beach of Nogas Island.

Walk silently inside Anini-y’s baroque and century-old St. John Nepomuceno Church and feel the pride of Anini-y’s ancestors as they labored and built this place of worship a century ago.

It is 54 kilometers away from San Jose de Buenavista and 83 kilometers from Iloilo City.

Attractions & Activities: Sira-an Hot Spring, Nogas Island, Century Old Anini-y Church, Cresta de Gallo Peak, Diving, Snorkeling