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“Play with Local Billiard Heroes” -15 Year Old WVRAAM Billiard Champ

By: PIO Antique/ Chuck dela Cruz,

Though local billiard halls are dominated by males, some drivers, some students who cut classes and others who are simply plain billiard pimps, playing with these guy, according to Hannah Magluyan have improved her skills and concentration by as much as 50% from last year, reason that he bagged the two Golds this year for 8 Balls and 9 balls for the Western Visayas Regional Athletic Association Meet held at Iloilo City.  

“It gives me the much needed thrill when I am up against local billiard heroes, all of the time, boys.”

Though her Uncle bought her two brand new international standard billiard tables, Hannah, 15 years old, finds practicing alone or with a training partner boring, thus, she prefers to run thru her drills by sorting billiard halls in adjacent towns in Antique, playing against local billiard heroes.  

Asked whether she joins money games against local players, she explains that she cannot stop by-standers and chaperons to place bets especially when seeing her, a petite girl standing at 4’7” playing mostly against males, to which, she usually wins.  

Her Godfather, Danny, who is acting as her full time trainer and manager says even if the standard billiard stick is much taller than her “hijada”, the potential and dedication of Hannah is incredible plus the fact that she is always the darling of the crowd.  

Hannah expresses her much eagerness to win the Palaro Gold this time, this carefully balancing her daily training and academics as a 9th grade student at St. Augustine’s Academy, a catholic high school in Patnongon, Antique.