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AICS Ready for Distribution

Published hereunder are the names of recipients for the Aids to Individuals in Crisis Situation whose cheques are ready for release at the Antique Provincial Capitol .


Elizabeth Labios 3,000 Atabay, San Jose, Antique Medication
Serio Sareno 4,000 Igcococ,Sibalom, Antique Medication
Dante Checa 3,000 Aras-asan, Tobias Fornier, Antique Medication
Jackielyn Lorenzo 3,000 Brgy. 5, San Jose, Antique Medication
Erlinda Manulat 2,000 Maybato, San Jose, Antique Medication
Perla Britanico 2,000 Tagudtod North, Bugasong, Antique Medication
Virgina Castillo 3,000 Asluman, Hamtic, Antique Burial
Emelyn Soriano 3,000 Piape 3, Hamtic, Antique Medication
Rosalyn Limen 3,000 Asluman, Hamtic, Antique Medication
Victoria Limen 3,500 Asluman, Hamtic, Antique CT Scan
Jocelyn de Indoy 3,000 San Rafael, San Remegio, Antique Burial
Teresita Talosig 3,000 Pasong, Sibalom, Antique Medication
Estelita Checa 5,000 Poblacion 1, Hamtic, Antique Medication
Mildred Molanida 3,000 Brgy. 8, San Jose, Antique Medication
TOTAL 43,500